Medidata Technology Partners

Interoperability to Advance Clinical Processes

Medidata understands that sponsors value having their choice of best-of-breed solutions to enhance their clinical trial processes and clinical technology environment. By recognizing select organizations as Medidata Technology Partners, the Medidata Partner Program encourages collaborative innovation in the industry. With Medidata Technology Partners, clinical research sponsors can choose from a menu of solutions that work alongside Medidata applications to further streamline and enhance clinical trials.

To become a Medidata Technology Partner, an organization must demonstrate how their solution integrated with Medidata technology helps enhance clinical efficiencies for clinical trial sponsors. As a first step, solution providers may consider applying to Developer Central, Medidata’s online developer community that provides an array of resources to support integration efforts using Medidata web services APIs including extensive documentation and a user forum for sharing best practices.

A Menu of Innovative Solutions

Medidata Technology Partners offer a range of clinical solutions that have been integrated with the Medidata Clinical Cloud. Sponsors benefit from more timely data sharing across systems, which contributes to more efficient and effective trials.

Medidata Technology Partners have leveraged Medidata integration tools with a variety of technologies, including systems for:

  • Clinical data warehousing
  • Clinical portal
  • Clinical trial automation
  • Clinical trial management
  • Electronic trial master file (eTMF)
  • Interactive voice/web response (IVR/IWR)
  • Patient communications
  • Pharmacovigilance and safety
  • Phase I data capture
  • Site selection

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