Medidata Coder®

Streamlined Enterprise Coding Solution

Medidata Coder® is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that streamlines your clinical trials with an easy-to-use, centralized coding environment that works out of the box with Medidata Rave, seamlessly integrates with any source system, simplifies dictionary upgrades and supports unlimited coding segments.

Centralized, On-Demand Coding

Centralized Coding Environment Medidata Coder serves your internal and external coding teams with a secure, on-demand, hosted environment. Multiple coding segments with different workflows, synonym lists and dictionaries can be configured for distinct therapeutic areas, regulatory submissions or geographies. The latest, preloaded MedDRA®, MedDRA J® and WHO Drug dictionaries are available out of the box.

Easy Integration with All Source Systems

Medidata Coder easily integrates with multiple source systems, such as EDC, safety reporting and clinical databases, using CDISC ODM web services or flat files. Medidata Rave users enjoy the tight integration that makes Medidata Coder a superior solution for real-time coding processes, reducing coding cycle times and expediting query resolution.

Streamlined Dictionary Migration

Medidata Coder minimizes the pain involved with dictionary upgrades, allowing for more timely, less risky migration of synonyms and coding decisions. An intuitive, user-friendly tool with built-in impact analysis helps resolve potential conflicts prior to migration and provides information on migration workload for sponsors to plan resources accordingly.