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Optimizing Investigator Grants

Medidata Grants Manager® is the industry-leading investigator site benchmarking tool that helps clinical trial sponsors ensure fair and consistent investigator payments, mitigate compliance risks and reduce elapsed time of site enrollment. Accessed through a web-browser interface, only Grants Manager provides industry-wide negotiated site cost information through exclusive access to the PICAS® database. Grant budgets built using the accuracy of PICAS increase negotiation confidence, shorten the negotiation cycle and foster rapid acceptance and active participation by investigators.

The major contributor to the lengthy—and costly—delays in clinical studies is site contract and budget negotiations and approval¹. Grants Manager directly addresses this problem by harnessing the power of the PICAS database of negotiated investigator grants—nearly one-quarter million grants and contracts and more than 27,000 protocols in over 1,400 indications. Grants Manager provides the data along with trending and forecasting tools to assess cost effectiveness, ensure budget predictability and negotiate fair market value for investigator grants.

In addition to robust budget planning capabilities, Grants Manager’s Analysis module enables sponsor organizations to access their own trial cost data, supporting review for internal or external audits of costs, as well as for trending, historical analysis, and planning purposes. The new Complexity metric and benchmark extends budgeting accuracy and performance beyond only cost considerations. By providing measures of actual site work effort by procedure, TA and geography, this tool helps in understanding the actual effort that a site performs for a specific protocol. The complexity metric thereby serves to tune the appropriate payment for the site based on the site’s actual work activity.

¹ State of the Clinical Trials Industry 2007, Thomson CenterWatch