Grants Manager Contracting™

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Online Site Negotiation and Contracting

Grants Manager Contracting™ provides clinical trial sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) with an online environment to efficiently negotiate budgets with investigative sites. Sponsors can now speed the agreement and completion of budgets as well as monitor contracting progress with a few or thousands of sites.

Grants Manager Contracting offers significant benefits to the contracting process:

  • Accelerates site recruitment with online negotiation, price change alerts and task notifications
  • Eliminates excessive email messages, complex tracking spreadsheets and reminder notes
  • Provides visibility of recruitment progress across a few or thousands of sites
  • Improves site satisfaction with easy-to-use presentation formats for response
  • Allows visibility and tracking of outsourced (e.g., CRO-managed) site recruitment

Grants Manager Contracting works seamlessly with budgets developed using Medidata Grants Manager Planning, accessing benchmark cost information from the PICAS® database. It can also be used by sponsors who prepare their site budgets using spreadsheets.

Reduce a Key Cause of Delays in Site Recruitment

Delays in site recruitment constitute the prime cause of delays in study start-up today. Contracting directly acts to improve study start-up and consequently time-to-market by eliminating the arduous back-and-forth manual negotiation processes that currently characterize the recruitment process.