Next-Generation Clinical Management Portal—
Superior User Experience

Quickly getting all study participants trained and activated, and managing their access to EDC and other clinical development software across multiple studies and organizations is critical to successful site and patient recruitment and the timely execution of a study. All too often, inefficient user management and access controls can create bottlenecks, delay study starts and burden sites and sponsors with potentially dozens of URLs, usernames and passwords to be memorized or safely documented.

Unified Access, User Management and eLearning for Study Teams and Investigative Sites

iMedidata® heralds the next generation in user experience and user management for clinical development IT applications. With a modern approach to team building and user onboarding, and single-sign-on (SSO) access to all studies and web-based training (eLearning)—iMedidata enables rapid, streamlined setup of clinical study groups and investigational sites so that trials can get up and running quickly with no compromise to compliance or ease of use.

iMedidata chart

One URL, One login, One password

Logging into any EDC study in Medidata Rave® can be as simple as pointing your browser to and entering a single username and password that you’ve chosen, or selecting a Medidata application from your existing clinical portal. No more memorizing URLs, multiple usernames, multiple passwords—no matter how many studies you manage or in which you participate. Once you log in to iMedidata, all your studies and eLearning courses are one click away, and joining a new study is as easy as clicking a link in a single email invitation.

User Administration Simplified

iMedidata employs an efficient, decentralized user account administration system that avoids bottlenecks. Study owners are empowered to create teams and invite users and sites through paperless processes, intuitive interfaces and automated emails. Participants at all levels of the organizational hierarchy can easily join the teams and studies they’ve been invited to, and immediately access the appropriate applications and data per their designated role, or complete the required eLearning to maintain compliance and gain access. Investigators and other site staff have full access to their accounts and the ability to maintain their most up-to-date contact information.