Medidata Insights

Advanced Reporting and Analytics to Drive Clinical Development Efficiencies

Leveraging operational data is critical to streamlining organizational effectiveness. With increasing time and budgetary pressures, decision-makers demand more actionable analytics to improve development processes. They need a comprehensive, contextual view of their operational data in order to identify process improvement opportunities to optimize resource utilization, contain budgets and reduce cycle times.

Clinical Business Analytics

Medidata Insights is a comprehensive business analytics solution for driving more informed development decisions and improved resource allocation, leading to increased operational efficiency in clinical development.

Improved Clinical Trial Performance Evaluation

Insights helps innovative research organizations better evaluate clinical trial performance—both across the organization and against industry benchmarks.

Advanced Data Visualization

Insights Reports provide interactive, holistic views of clinical process metrics alongside the Insights Benchmarks, aggregations of standardized cross-industry and cross-company clinical data. In one glance, executives can compare operational data at a study, therapeutic area, phase or company level with other clinical data from their industry peers and with previous company performance.

The Insights Benchmarks

The Insights benchmarking process Operational data from clinical trials managed by Medidata Solutions technology is securely and anonymously retrieved and organized into standardized metric data sets comprising the Medidata Insights metrics warehouse, from which the Insights Benchmarks are computed. Insights customers access pre-designed reports based on an industry leading data visualization and business analytics technology. Each Insights Report features an industry benchmark to facilitate comparison alongside company-specific benchmarks and study-specific data. As of April 2014, the Insights metrics warehouse is comprised of data from more than 7,000 studies gathered seamlessly from over 120 clinical trial sponsors.

Optimize Efficiency Gains with Medidata Consulting

To maximize the impact of Insights, Medidata has designed operational discovery, analytics and interpretation consultation modules that offer users access to Medidata Insights experts with unique perspectives and expertise. The modules draw from deep industry experience and best practices, and provide users with additional ways to achieve operational efficiencies, streamline processes and move towards dynamic clinical development. From introductory training on Insights Reports to comprehensive operational assessments, Medidata Consulting provides a full spectrum of services for organizations to optimize the benefits of Insights Reports.