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Capturing Data

Power and simplicity at the heart of the clinical trial

Medidata Rave provides a deep range of tools for capturing data, the heart of the clinical trial. With its zero client web-interface, intuitive usage, multiple language capabilities and combined EDC and paper capture features, Medidata Rave enables sponsors to meet even the most rigorous trial requirements by recruiting sites and participants based on clinical needs, not system requirements.

Data capture and data cleaning is one process, not two

Unlike traditional approaches which separate the collection and management of clinical data, Medidata Rave makes data capture and data cleaning one process, not two, reducing risk and improving efficiency throughout a study by eliminating the need for data reconciliation and the expense of managing separate systems. With all data captured and managed in the same system, reliable clinical data is available earlier in the research process: instead of waiting until all data is locked, researchers have clean data available in real time throughout a study.

Industry-leading ease of use

Medidata Rave's interface is designed to be intuitive to clinicians, with friendly and consistent point-and-click navigation and a familiar clinical data entry approach. Researchers can recruit sites and investigators based on their clinical needs and skills, not computer knowledge and usage, to meet the requirements of today's clinical trials, including large-scale registries and surveillance studies.

Medidata Rave's web-enabled interface works equally well on an Apple® computer or a Windows® PC, with the range of popular Internet browsers, including all versions of Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, and Safari®. Sponsors save the time and expense of provisioning and supporting specific hardware and software at sites, and need only conduct simple assessments during site recruitment.

Multiple trials, multiple languages…single system

As organizations expand their participation in global trials, Medidata Rave lets users work in their language of choice, all within a single system. Full support for international (double-byte) character sets and concurrent usage in multiple languages provides capabilities for multi-national trials.

Paper and paper/EDC studies…single system

Medidata Rave also offers the flexibility to conduct paper and paper/EDC clinical trials within a single system. With high-speed double-data entry, information captured in a paper-based clinical trial can be managed in a single data base with data collected electronically.