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Managing Data

Easily accessible data drives earlier decision making

Medidata Rave allows data managers and monitors to perform continuous viewing, updating, querying, reporting and locking functions during a trial's implementation. Working off the same platform as data capture, clinical data managers and biostatisticians have a full suite of query and protocol deviation management tools, along with multiple configurable levels of data review and locking.

Collaborating across geographic and linguistic borders made simple

On a global scale, Medidata Rave links linguistically diverse study teams through its unique translation capabilities, allowing investigators to enter patient data in the language of their choice while monitors and data managers view the same data in their own languages.

Unlike other platforms, Medidata Rave provides a single data repository, viewable in any language (including such languages as Japanese or Chinese) without requiring separate, parallel versions of the system for each language.

Mid-study changes handled efficiently

The reality of clinical research frequently includes protocol amendments, specification changes and new requirements. While these changes can disrupt studies in other systems, Medidata Rave provides built-in tools for handling mid-study changes with a minimum of effort and no system downtime.

Medidata Rave's Amendment Manager is an easy-to-use tool that allows even non-technical users to handle study changes, including migrating previously entered data into new forms and visit structures and applying new edit checks. And, important to study sponsors, these changes are deployed without system downtime.

Version management is also fully integrated within the system, maintaining system integrity during study changes. New studies or changes to existing studies are immediately available upon publication, without complex processing or programming.