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Reporting Data

Leverage your data assets and drive performance in real-time

Medidata Rave's single platform provides insight into both clinical and metric data in real time, as data is available. After data lock, reports can be generated from a customer-selectable partner set, chosen for providing the breadth of analytics and business intelligence required by life science companies.

Monitoring both individual and aggregate performance metrics allows potential bottlenecks to be identified early and throughout the study lifecycle. Clinical reports allow study teams to extract and analyze data and provide investigator sites with cross-subject listings.

It also includes standard reports for study metrics and listings, as well as customizable report offerings, and ad hoc tools for user-driven report creation.

Security and language capabilities of Rave extend to reporting function

Medidata Rave grants access to information only if and when users are allowed to see it, based on their roles and responsibilities.

Multiple language trials are also supported through the reporting phase. Monitors and sponsors have real-time access to reports in the language of their choice, no matter what the data input language.