Medidata Academy


Because Medidata products were designed for maximum ease of use, training for users at sites and sponsors has always been fast and simple. Medidata's eLearning offering is now available within our platform of products as an integral part of a Medidata study—providing instant access for users no matter where they are in the world. Convenient, secure and efficient, Medidata's eLearning was designed by on-line training experts to get investigators and other site personnel up and running even more quickly. Once training is successfully completed, investigators can start entering field data without additional sponsor administration.

eLearning features that fit your needs

For sites:

  • On-demand courses available at investigator’s site and time
  • Self-paced training for ease of use
  • Seamless access to the study once automated training is completed, enabling faster trial start and data collection
  • Immediate certificate of completion provided to sponsors and investigators
  • Customized training specific to user's role

For sponsors:

  • Secure log in ensuring access to only trained site personnel
  • Integrated site training management
  • Web-based training for time and cost savings
  • Time and task-savings for user administrators.