Medidata Professional Certification Program

The Medidata Professional Certification Program recognizes clinical researchers for their role-based skills in and experience with the Medidata Clinical Cloud™. The program builds on the well-established Medidata Academy training programs by offering formal confirmation of an individual’s knowledge in and experience with the Medidata platform. Medidata credentials signify a professional’s training and know-how in key best practices that streamline and enhance clinical trials for research sponsors. Moreover, certifications are portable, so professionals keep their personal certifications as they advance within their organization or across the industry.

Through this program, sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) benefit from the availability of a network of clinical research professionals with skills in Medidata’s cloud-based solutions, which can help streamline their activities related to staff selection and teaming assignments. Sponsors and CROs can have a higher level of confidence that professionals have been trained to apply best practices using the Medidata platform, designed to deliver optimal results and reach new levels of quality and efficiency in clinical trials.

Certifications are available to Medidata customers (both their employees and site staff), Medidata Services Partners in the Medidata Partner Program and Medidata employees. For more details, visit the program FAQ or view the list of available certification tracks and schedule of exam dates.

Medidata Professional Certification Program to Introduce New Digital Credentials

We are pleased to announce that, in response to numerous requests, the Medidata Professional Certification Program will be sending out all-digital credentials beginning January 2014. The digital badge and certificate will take the place of the printed cards and certificates we have previously mailed to recipients of Medidata Professional Certifications.

The new format has many benefits, and we hope you will be as excited about them as we are:

  • You receive your credential pack immediately instead of having to wait for a shipment that could be lost or misdirected.
  • You can print your certificate at will instead of relying on a single copy.
  • Your card is viewable on any mobile device of your choosing, so you don’t need to carry it around separately.
  • Digital credentials conserve resources and are better for the environment.

Please note that all printed credentials will remain valid until the certification exams are updated. (You will be notified when you need to attend training in order to keep your certification current.) If you have printed credentials and would like to receive new electronic versions, please contact us at