Data Capture

Industry analysts have predicted for many years the almost total eclipse of paper data collection in clinical trials in favor of automated electronic data capture, with its promise of significantly shortening trial times, eliminating redundancies and errors, and connecting the research team. While the industry has not shifted as rapidly as many predicted, the industry is finally thought to be at a "tipping point": EDC was used in nearly half of all Phase I–III trials in the U.S. by the end of 2007.¹

The data capture capabilities of Medidata Rave® were specifically designed to address the critical requirements of the end users of the system, allowing the technology to be fully utilized to the commercial and scientific benefit of the research sponsor. Rave addresses the complex needs of large, global companies with heavy investment in current systems and a wide-flung net of sites, monitors and CROs as well as the needs of smaller companies, looking for tools that can assist in their first trials in humans and also scale with them as they expand into later phases and additional compounds. Medidata Rave’s ability to be accessed through any Internet computer world-wide, its single instance ability to handle multiple studies within a single database, its intuitive interface and accessible training, its multiple language capabilities and ability to manage paper-collected data in the same database, among other features, has propelled it into its industry leadership position today.

¹ Source: Health Industry Insights, 2007