Medidata Rave® TSDV

Get Focused with Risk-Based Monitoring

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical monitors is key to managing study budgets—site monitoring activities represent one of the largest cost drivers in clinical research today. The Medidata Clinical Cloud™ has greatly enhanced monitors' ability to work with sites to ensure that clean data is available quickly, by providing tools to:

  • Automate edit checking
  • Remotely query sites' data entries
  • Streamline source document verification (SDV)
  • Optimize monitor visits and reporting

Rave Targeted SDV—Unlock the Potential of Risk-Based SDV Strategies

Risk-based clinical site monitoring process Rave Targeted SDV provides research sponsors and CROs with an EDC-based, scalable and auditable solution to execute partial (less than 100 percent) SDV strategies and enables compliance with their regulatory framework.

  • Reduce SDV efficiently with an EDC-based solution
  • Flexibly configure SDV plans to meet your objectives
  • Apply robust controls to implement your regulatory strategy
  • Minimize changes to existing SDV processes in executing partial SDV