Research institutions represent the forefront of medical exploration. Medidata Rave® provides a platform well suited to enable researchers to capture, manage and report on critical information about the safety and efficacy of the latest medical therapies. The flexibility of Medidata Rave allows for the development of complex clinical studies, accommodating the seamless management of multiple workflows and protocol algorithms, and efficient trial deployment and management, which can be a critical success factor in grant- or government-funded investigations.

Because Medidata Solutions' origins are rooted in the academic arena, we have a profound understanding of the needs of academicians. Medidata products have been developed with the end user in mind, leading to intuitive user interfaces, limited computer requirements, configurable workspaces and versioning management systems.

Investigator-initiated studies, scientifically rigorous and design-complex analyses can be accommodated within Medidata programs. Medidata Rave's data collection platform independence removes barriers to quickly and cost-effectively rolling out new studies in heterogeneous university computer infrastructures.