Growth in the biotechnology market, fueled by scientific breakthroughs in molecular biology, genetics and related fields, creates both compelling opportunities for companies ready to pursue novel therapeutics and a competitive environment in which time-to-market and throughput in clinical development become critical factors for success.

Biotechnology companies by nature are poised to take advantage of new technologies and processes, often without the burden of legacy paradigms and systems, and typically with the vision to build their operations to take liberal advantage of industry best practices. With many being newly chartered enterprises, there is also a need to outsource many activities in the clinical trial process, at the same time as there may be a lack of existing relationships and knowledge on which to draw.

Medidata products bring to biotechnology firms of all sizes the ability to optimize their relationships with the clinical investigators on their trials, to help negotiate and understand activity areas with the contract research organizations who will perform parts of their research, and technologies to automate their protocol design functions and key data capture, management and reporting activities.