Government customers, not unlike academic research/medical institutions, have been looking for healthcare solutions that can bring together diverse networks and other technological enterprise solutions. Working with companies like Medidata that have helped streamline the data needs for hundreds of biopharmaceutical clinical trials, governments can access that commercial experience while streamlining their research needs.

As governments seek to standardize the collection of clinical trial, clinical registry and observational data around pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostic use, the need to have a robust electronic data capture system is the first step in achieving that goal. Medidata Rave® with its flexible, easy-to-use and easy-to-access interfaces is well-suited to help achieve high levels of standardization and functionality that allow data to be easily captured, viewed and organized, facilitating pattern detection and analysis.

As governments pursue the transfer of clinical practice data into electronic formats for the purposes of interchange and to track long-term efficacy, side effect profiles and comparative effectiveness among therapeutics, functionality that is similar across platforms will be paramount. Medidata Rave, with its structural ability to integrate with other systems, offers an innovative approach to these government healthcare needs. Medidata's EDC process creates clean data in real-time throughout a trial which will facilitate accelerated development of methodologies to assess risk and help regulators and sponsors recognize safety signals as early as possible.