The pharmaceutical industry faces unique financial, market and regulatory pressures driving the need for streamlined operations to help companies successfully meet their drug development goals and realize the commercial benefits of their pipeline.

Forward-thinking companies have chosen Medidata technology solutions to give them a competitive advantage in clinical development. Our clients benefit from strategies that streamline the flow of business-critical information during the planning, start-up and execution of clinical research studies.

Pharmaceutical companies, from some of the largest in the world to small development stage companies, are leveraging Medidata products to maximize the efficiency of their relationships with key third parties in the process—site investigators and clinical research organizations—and to streamline the vital processes of collection, management and reporting of clinical data. Together, Medidata products provide a set of solutions that allow pharmaceutical companies to utilize globally-enabled technology that leverage their research assets.

Medidata's platforms allow the development of company standards, which large, multinational companies find critical to developing consistency across research teams and geographies, and which smaller companies seek in order to create regulatory-savvy trials from the start. Medidata Rave® Global Library, Medidata Designer®, Medidata Grants Manager® and Medidata CRO Contractor® all facilitate creation and dissemination of organization-wide guidelines. Medidata Rave's single database for all a company’s studies provide company-wide, automatic use of standard configurations, workflows and permission groups, with individual study needs reflected as required with a minimum of effort.