Rave Patient Cloud


启用 mHealth 试验的解决方案

Rave Patient Cloud® 是一个全面且符合监管要求的移动健康解决方案可以加速以患者为中心的临床研究。

Rave Patient Cloud 让申办方能够使用传感器和应用程序直接收集更丰富、更完整的患者数据提高 Medidata Clinical Cloud 的临床试验体验。


Medidata 在整个试验周期提供专业服务,以支持您的 mHealth 试验

  • 设备服务 - 全球设备资源调配和 24 x 7 全天候客户支持
  • 研究中心和用户培训 - 通过培训您的研究中心和患者来提高依从性和数据质量
  • 仪器迁移与转化 - 将您的纸质问卷调查迁移至 ePRO
  • 自定义分析 - 支持试验要求的研究特定数据分析

Rave Patient Cloud, empowers patients by delivering real-time data.

Rave Patient Cloud provides a clearer picture of a therapy’s safety and efficacy by incorporating technologies for patient data capture and services that help propel mHealth studies through wearables.


Rave eCOA/ePRO

A mobile app that collects responses to questionnaires and diaries

  • Text- and scale-based questionnaires configured easily in Rave EDC without tedious custom development
  • Implementation model delivered as full-service or fully enabled
  • Available on both iOS and Android systems

Rave AppConnect

An SDK built to integrate apps within the Medidata Clinical Cloud

  • Developers can build front-end mobile apps while Medidata manages back-end data flow
  • Flexibility to gather and process data from nearly any app
  • Compatibility with Apple ResearchKit

Rave SensorLink

A regulatory-compliant data ingestion platform for biosensors and wearables.

  • Access to over 400 consumer and medical grade sensors
  • Summary views in Rave EDC® and raw data streams for detailed analyses
  • Visualization dashboards for patient compliance and data quality

Rave Enroll

An innovative mobile solution for electronic informed consent and patient enrollment for clinical trials

  • Animation, interaction, visual imagery to engage patients
  • Satisfies IRB, QA, and ethics concerns for sites
  • Regulatory compliant output for sponsors


我们可以为您独特的临床试验需求提供定制化的产品解决方案。欢迎联系我们,了解有关 Medidata 的更多信息并了解我们如何帮助您加速您的临床试验过程。


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