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Medidata 不断探索与其他公司共同创新、协作的新方式,致力于提高临床研发效率。因此我们设立了 Medidata 开发者中心,一个专门为 Rave Web Services API 用户提供服务的在线开发者社区。该社区提供一系列资源,以支持现有系统与 Medidata Rave 及其他平台的整合 。若您想了解更多关于该社区的信息,请参见:


Registration Process

How do I join?
To join, click the “Join Developer Central today” link on this page. This link will bring you to a registration form where you will be asked to provide basic information and to agree to Medidata’s API License and the Developer Central Terms of Use.

After registering, how long does it take to get access?
After registering, you will be granted access within two business days.

What does it cost to join?
Medidata Developer Central is 100 percent free to join.

Benefits & Limitations

What is available in Developer Central?
The Developer Central community provides you with a set of tools to integrate your solution with Medidata Rave via the Rave Web Services API, including:

  • A community forum in which you can post questions and interact with hundreds of other developer central members.
  • Extensive documentation on the Rave Web Services API and best practices.
  • A test environment of Rave where you can quickly and easily develop and test your integrations.

By joining Developer Central, am I now a ”certified partner”?
No. Medidata Developer Central members are not certified partners.

What marketing permissions are associated with my Developer Central membership?
Promoting your membership in Developer Central is strictly prohibited.

About Developer Central

How many members are in Developer Central?
The Developer Central community has 500+ members from 200+ companies in 20+ countries.

What types of companies are represented in the Developer Central community?
Member companies include, but are not limited to: technology providers, ISVs, service providers, CROs, academic institutions, pharmaceuticals, biotechs and medical device manufacturers.


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