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October 17, 2016October 19, 2016


MOVE-2014 results are live!

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Check out our interactive microsite to explore key learnings from MOVE-2014, our first-sponsored mHealth study.

Medidata Clinical Cloud

Industry-leading technology and analytics for better, faster development decisions.

Powering life science customers to make better, faster development decisions

The Medidata Clinical Cloud lets you:

  • Cut clinical development costs
  • Mitigate clinical development risks
  • Deliver drugs and devices to market faster
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Data Capture

Use the world’s leading cloud solution for electronic data capture to enhance data quality, increase process efficiency and boost site satisfaction.

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Study Management

Go beyond basic EDC and enrich your trials with best‐in‐class data management, randomization, medical coding, safety and more—all within a unified platform.

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Data & Analytics

Medidata’s Data & Analytics Cloud offers you unrivaled insight into clinical trial operations across the industry. Unlock your data, benchmark it against industry peers, and turn it into insights you can act on.

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Patient Cloud is the mHealth solution that captures data from apps and wearable sensors to accelerate patient-centric clinical research.

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The Medidata Planning Cloud slashes downstream cost, time and risk by building better execution right into your study design and budget.

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Use the industry’s leading cloud solution for monitoring clinical trial data to enhance data quality, improve CRA productivity and target monitoring resources where they’re needed most.

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Payments Cloud is Medidata’s solution for processing payments to clinical sites across the globe.

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Platform Services

Medidata's Platform Services ensure all your clinical, operational, data management, validation and safety needs are met while providing unified access and innovative integration tools to Medidata's eClinical applications.  

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