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White paper on Precision Oncology Trials: A Look Ahead.

The field of oncology is leading the precision medicine revolution as researchers identify biomarkers to target subsets of patients with the most effective treatments. As this field evolves, it will require increasingly sophisticated technologies to deal with the dichotomy facing precision oncology drug developers: 

1. Scarcity of patients available for trials of targeted therapies 
2. Uneven management of capturing, standardizing and analyzing disparate data from apps, sensors, imaging and genomic analysis.

Download this paper now to learn how a data-driven approach to oncology trials will get treatments to the patients faster:

  • Increase confidence in early phase decisions
  • Optimize study to minimize patient burden
  • Streamline study startup activity to keep research team on track
  • Improve site selection, enrollment, and retention with multivariate models
  • Maximize discovery potential from genomic data

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