Transforming clinical trials for sponsors, sites and patients


Our journey started in 1999 when a lab scientist, founder Glen de Vries, looked for a way to make clinical trials run better.  With a SaaS technology solution taking shape, he connected with businessman Tarek Sherif to start a company that would focus solely on advancing clinical testing.  Today, that same entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation is transforming clinical development across the globe through our 1,000+ team and widespread client and partner network.

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Clients & Partners

We're proud to be part of a global ecosystem of over 1000 clients—emerging biotechs, global pharma companies, cutting-edge device and diagnostic companies, innovative academic research sites, broad-mandate government agencies and others—who use our platform every day.  We've supported more than 14,000 clinical trials, 200,000 sites and two million trial volunteers with the infrastructure and insights to bring their new treatments to the public.  Further extending our reach, over 50 top contract research organizations around the world deliver our solutions to their clients.

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Medidata interns Voluntering, Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe our commitment to transforming the life sciences industry should extend beyond our product solutions. Through both employee and company efforts, we want to have a positive impact on research, education, public health and environmental sustainability. It is our vision to be one of the leaders in corporate social responsibility in both the life sciences and technology sectors.

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