Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe our commitment to transforming the life sciences industry should extend beyond our product solutions. Through both employee and company efforts, we want to have a positive impact on research, education, public health and environmental sustainability. It is our vision to be one of the leaders in corporate social responsibility in both the life sciences and technology sectors.




Medidata Foundation is our commitment as an organization to the global advancement of life sciences research, science and technology education and community health. 

We want to advance research in life sciences through technology and research funding into rare diseases. 

Educating the next generation of researchers, healthcare providers and entrepreneurs is vital to advancing understanding in our community. We partner with public high schools near our offices to provide opportunities and resources for students and faculty in the areas of science and technology.

The Medidata Foundation was also created to support local and global community programs and health initiatives while being prepared to offer immediate disaster relief in the form of matching employee donations and volunteerism.



Our generous donations in kind underline our commitment to advancing life sciences research, science and technology education and community health.

As active and engaged members in the life science community, we are committed to furthering the industry and regularly provide donations and services to support nonprofits, research institutions and education facilities in our communities and beyond. Our annual discounts to help nonprofits purchase our software, systems and other products is in the millions.

We respect the invaluable work of nonprofits, research institutions and education facilities, and we take steps to further their goals. The work and discoveries of such organizations help advance the entire life sciences industry and has the potential to touch all of our lives.



Medidata is committed to living our values and takes great strides to minimize environmental impact while also taking a proactive approach and supporting green initiatives.

As responsible corporate citizens, we make an effort to preserve and protect the environment. 

By locating our operations in green-friendly space, we do our part in reducing our environmental impact while also acting as an environmentally responsible corporate citizen. Both our New York City and London offices are LEED Gold Certified and we have additional plans in the pipeline for a number of our other offices to achieve LEED Gold status.

Two new LEED Gold certified offices are being opened in 2016 in San Francisco, CA, and Iselin, NJ.



Our efforts also extend to our community ties and we take steps to support local organizations with employees contributing time from their work days.

Medidata gives each employee a free volunteer day. Our goal is for each of our employees to participate in this program and to be fully engaged and supportive of organizations and causes in their local communities.  

Medidata values strong community ties and recognizes the important value that nonprofits and local organizations play in strengthening the social fabric to benefit our neighborhoods, cities and beyond.