Clinical Cloud

The Platform for transforming clinical research

The life science industry is under pressure. As key patents are expiring, pharma and biotech companies are challenged to bring new and better treatments to patients.

One critical roadblock is that clinical trials—vital for proving safety and efficacy—are long, complicated and expensive.  The Medidata Clinical Cloud is a unique vertical SaaS platform solely dedicated to transforming clinical research for life science companies and the patients who depend on them.  

Because it's SaaS, the Clinical Cloud has been proven to scale from small biotechs conducting one study to major pharmas conducting dozens. Because it’s Medidata, the Clinical Cloud lets you:

  • Cut clinical development costs
  • Mitigate clinical development risks
  • Deliver drugs and devices to market faster

The Clinical Cloud already encompasses eight billion clinical records from more than two million patients across more than 9,000 studies.  And more than one half million data points are added daily. Find out why hundreds of sponsors and CROs are already in the Clinical Cloud, and how it can help you transform clinical development today.

Medidata Clinical Cloud Graphic

Plan Study

The Medidata Planning Cloud slashes downstream cost, time and risk by building better execution right into your study design and budget.

Site Budgeting, Design Optimization, Site Negotiation

Payments Cloud is Medidata’s solution for processing payments to clinical sites across the globe.

Site Payment Calculation, Site Payment Disbursement, Financial Reporting and Transparency, Accruals and Forecasting

Support Sites

Use the industry’s leading cloud solution for monitoring clinical trial data to enhance data quality, improve CRA productivity and target monitoring resources where they’re needed most.

Centralized Monitoring & Analytics, Site Monitoring, Site Quality Management, Targeted SDV

Engage Patient

Patient Cloud
Patient Cloud captures data from apps and wearable sensors to accelerate patient­ centric clinical research

ePro, AppConnect, SensorLink

Conduct Study

Data Capture
Use the world’s leading cloud solution for electronic data capture to enhance data quality, increase process efficiency and boost site satisfaction.

RaveX , Medical Imaging

Study Management
Go beyond basic EDC and enrich your trials with best‐in‐class data management, randomization, medical coding, safety and more—all within a unified platform.

Clinical Data Management, Safety Data Transmission, Trial Supply Management, Medical Coding, Randomization

Optimize Outcomes

Data & Analytics
Use the world’s leading cloud solution for electronic data capture to enhance data quality, increase process efficiency and boost site satisfaction.

Clinical Business Analytics, Operational Analytics, Trial Assurance, Statistical Analytics

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