Aperio Unifies Data and Content on the Medidata Cloud

“The Edge CTMS system will allow us to have all information in one place. No longer will we have excel trackers, and specialized reports, that someone else is creating.”
-Melissa Hancock Director of eClinical Technology for Aperio Clinical Outcomes

The Challenge: 

Before moving to the Medidata platform Aperio Clinical Outcomes was collecting data in disparate systems. Data collection spanned across multiple sources and they were dependent on excel trackers and specialized reports to compile data for their sponsors. Aperio used used a paper system to manage their TMF process. The use of a paper system for TMF made it difficult to ensure regulatory compliance across different stages of their trials, and added a the burden of a costly and labor-intensive process.

The Results:

Aperio decided to unify their content and data on the Medidata Cloud. The adoption of Edge eTMF offers them access to data and ensures that they are following regulations while executing a study. Aperio made the decision to unify their content and data on the Medidata cloud through eTMF because of its efficiency, transparency, and integration with Edge CTMS. This enables their data and clinical teams have the ability to work side by side, and allows them to have all information in one place.