Improved Efficiency in Clinical Trial Data Capture

"We eliminated double data entry at the medical institution and were able to improve efficiency in clinical trial data capture"
Mr. Koichi Saitou, Pharmaceutical Development Division IT Promotion Team Leader, Teijin Pharma


Fewer hours spent reconciling


Fewer days entering data

The Challenge: 

Teijin pharma was faced with the task of integrating Rave RTSM solution into their trials for Cardiovascular and Metabolic diseases to manage drug supply. The sponsor sought a solution that could address their concerns, including a lengthy time for the system setup, a system that was easy to use and access for their users, and would integrate with the EDC system already in place. Teijin aimed to recruit 100 patients across 24 sites for the study. 

The Solution: Rave RTSM

Teijin adopted the Rave RTSM solution. The fully integrated cloud-based system reduced setup time by a quarter of the time compared to the industry standard. The simplified build through configuration helped the team get to User Acceptance Testing (UAT) faster. Rave RTSM requires only 3-4 weeks from finalizing the definition of the specification to setup including UAT compared to 12-16 weeks industry standard. 


    The Benefits:

    Adoption of Rave RTSM paired with Medidata's Professional Service team enables Teijin around the clock support and experience, which translates into confidence for the complex randomization and trial execution. The Teijin team was pleased to eliminate duplicate data entry and reconciliation between separate systems, resulting in cleaner data. The integrated solution provides an ease of use for completing multiple tasks in one place including login and password management. The sponsor was also pleased by the flexibility in randomization and variable trial designs and impressed with the simplified build an accelerated start-up timeframe.