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Study design has an outsize impact on downstream clinical trial execution.  Even the most well-intentioned planning decisions can lead to a variety of issues---from excessive procedures that can adversely impact patient enrollment or retention, to unforeseen outcomes that can drive costly protocol amendments.  

Optimize your study from the start with the Medidata Planning Cloud.  With over 12,000 studies already conducted on the Medidata Clinical Cloud, we have the expertise to ensure your study is designed for speed, simplicity, and efficiency.  Improve operational costs, speed study execution, and slash compliance risk with the Medidata Planning Cloud.

The challenge we’re attempting to address is to make these protocols as efficient as possible. [The Medidata Planning Cloud] is unique in that it has benchmarking data where you can compare your study to a large benchmark dataset.  It helps to provide an objective assessment. It provides more evidence and meaning behind a recommendation.

Austin J. Combest, Sr. Director Clinical Information and Science, PPD

Grants Manager

Medidata Grants Manager

Can you tell if you're overpaying for procedures?  Is site budgeting slow and contentious? It’s time for a change.
By integrating historical site performance data with your study parameters, Medidata Grants Manager transforms site budgeting and negotiation to save both money and time.

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Study Design Optimization

Medidata Study Design Optimization

Poorly designed studies severely impact downstream clinical trial execution. Excessive procedures that hurt patient enrollment and retention, mistakes that drive costly protocol amendments, and up-front trial design problems continue to have a negative impact.

Medidata Study Design Optimization service optimizes your clinical trial design for a dramatically better operational execution.

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The Medidata Payments Cloud automates the clinical site payment workflow. It integrates the processesing and disbursement of high volumes of invoices and complex payment requests to sites across the globe quickly and accurately. Whereas sites can sometimes wait months for reimbursement, Payments significantly improves the timetable, thus helping ensure and preserve the site-sponsor/CRO relationship.

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