Study Postponement and Suspension Policy


This policy defines the procedure for postponing or suspending a single study subject to an executed single study sales order (“Single Study SO”) between Medidata and Customer or Partner, as applicable (herein, collectively referred to as “Client”).


  • A Client may postpone a study prior to the Single Study SO Effective Date by providing prompt, advance written notice prior to the Single Study SO Effective Date to avoid applicable fees (as set forth below).  If Client notifies Medidata after the Single Study Sales Order Effective Date, the Study Suspension Policy below will apply;  
  • A Client may suspend a single study, as set forth in a Single Study SO for a percent of the Application Services Fee (as set forth below) initiated by the Policy below;
  • This policy does not apply to studies deployed under multi-study enterprise subscription sales orders.

Suspension Process

In the event that a Client reasonably determines that a study must be suspended, then Client may suspend the Services pursuant to the applicable Single Study SO.  During the suspension period, the study will be inactive and will not be accessible to Client.  In the event of a study suspension, Client will write to Medidata at least thirty (30) days in advance of the effective date of the study suspension. Medidata will suspend Services for the applicable study for a minimum period of three (3) months and a maximum period of six (6) months. During the suspension period, Client shall pay a monthly suspension fee equal to fifteen (15%) percent of the monthly Application Services Fee set forth in the applicable Single Study SO.  Medidata will not charge the study suspension fees for study suspensions initiated prior to production software availability/production ready.  Customer and Medidata shall document the suspension and applicable fees in a change order or other form of amendment to the applicable Single Study SO.