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Engage patients by using a robust selection of mobile health solutions with the Medidata Patient Cloud. Use sensors and apps to capture a richer, more complete dataset directly from the patient.  Gain unprecedented visibility into the patient journey, and provide researchers a more objective, nuanced picture of a therapy’s safety and efficacy. The Medidata Patient Cloud offers a full complement of Mobile Health (mHealth) offerings that spans sensor selection and mobile app integration to mobile data collection and analytics.  Don’t embark on the mHealth journey alone. Partner with the Medidata to power the next generation of clinical studies.

“Seamlessly integrating data from HealthPatch MD into clinical records through the Medidata Clinical Cloud opens up new possibilities to measure biometrics, from heart rate to skin temperature. The availability of continuous, clinical-grade health data provides important opportunities to analyze results in real time to quickly identify potential safety concerns and adjust a trial based on preliminary evidence."

– Dr. Nersi Nazari, Vital Connect’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Patient Cloud

Patient Cloud

Medidata Patient Cloud® is a comprehensive and regulatory compliant mobile health (mHealth) solution that accelerates patient-centric clinical research. Patient Cloud enables sponsors to use sensors and apps that capture a richer, more complete dataset directly from the patient, improving the clinical trial experience on the Medidata Clinical Cloud.

Patient Cloud provides a clearer, more nuanced picture of a therapy’s safety and efficacy, incorporating  technologies for patient data capture and services that help propel mHealth studies.

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