Edge Central Monitoring

Edge Central Monitoring (formerly CSA) helps you improve clinical trial data quality and integrity by statistically cleaning data through machine learning.

Enabling more insightful clinical trial reviews

Monitoring and reviewing clinical trial data is a critical step to ensuring the success of any clinical development plan. But today’s manual processes can often result in errors, compromising data quality and incurring costly study delays.

Medidata's Edge Central Monitoring (formerly CSA) provides immediate insight into clinical trial site performance and data quality. An integral part of the Medidata Clinical Cloud, Edge Central Monitoring integrates data from different systems and provides a comprehensive report for each subject, making it easier for teams to detect and track critical data changes throughout trial execution.

Features and Benefits

With Edge Central Monitoring you can

  • Comprehensively Analyze Clinical Trial Data. The advanced and robust statistical algorithms in Edge Central Monitoring provide a comprehensive scan of a clinical trial database for inconsistencies across data domains, sites and patients.
  • Automate Study Grade Calculation. With templates for SDTM data, automated processes can be setup so that every clinical study submitted to the FDA can have a study grade calculated for data quality.
  • Analyze across multiple dimensions. The overall study grade can be a measure of overall data consistency, and be compared across sponsors, studies, indications and disease areas.
  • Identify potential problem areas. Individual site grades can be used to measure data quality within the site, and identify studies and sites at high-risk for procedural problems and data errors.

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