Edge Design Optimizer

Well-designed protocols improve operational execution. Optimize your study design to reduce downstream inefficiencies and site and patient burden.

Better trials start with better design

Edge Design Optimizer (formerly Design Optimizer) is a data-driven solution that streamlines your study design, reducing inefficiencies and site/patient burden. Our unique benchmark data and analytics ensure a lean and objective study that meets your clinical and statistical outcomes while minimizing cost, complexity and the site/patient burden.
A sound study design will impact all downstream areas of study conduct. It benefits sponsors to create a lean study design up front for efficient study conduct.

Features and Benefits

The service combines Edge Design Optimizer tools and expertise to:

  • Optimize study design and procedure selection. Our benchmarks compare your study’s design to other studies of a similar phase/indication to help guide design decisions; additionally, they inform if procedures are commonly or less commonly used in your indication, eliminating “nice to have” procedures or reinforcing must-have procedures for novel study designs.

  • Reduce protocol complexity and site/patient burden. The collective use of Medidata’s industry benchmark data relative to protocol usage, number of visits, subject participation duration and activity quantity provides study teams with advanced design insight that can lead to protocol adjustments which reduces site impact and downstream burden on the patient.

  • Improve line of sight. Clear line of sight and visibility on how all data collected will be used in support of the core objectives of the study; e.g., primary, secondary and safety endpoints. Eliminate or reduce instances of data collection that do not support core objectives of the study, or increase costs and complexity.

PPD Leverages Edge Study Design Tools

PPD Inc. discusses the benefits of leveraging Edge Design Optimizer tools not only for their business but also for their clients.

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