Edge Study Feasibility

Optimize site and country feasibility through access to industry-wide, historical, operational performance data. 


Unlock New Country and Site Feasibility Strategies

Medidata's Edge Study Feasibility (formerly OPAL Feasibility) adds certainty and efficiency to the country and site feasibility process by leveraging Medidata’s industry-leading site performance data. Sponsors and CROs can now visually realize the highest enrolling sites, improving patient enrollment and limiting investment in lower performing sites.

Within the tool, users can search & filter sites by phase, therapeutic area, indication, and country. This allows for a simple and easy to use interface that helps users improve site strategies and discover new sites.


Features and Benefits

Robust Data

Edge Study Feasibility leverages Medidata’s industry-leading proprietary objective performance data to make more informed site and country decisions. It surfaces standardized site performance across studies, allowing sponsors and CROs to make data-driven decisions regarding site and country selection.

Feasibility Process Improvement

With Edge Study Feasibility, Sponsors and CROs can save time and money by realizing opportunities to improve patient enrollment. By gaining more clarity into site performance through the tool, you can reach target enrollment faster by selecting high performing countries and sites, while also reducing the cost of low and non-enrolling sites.


You can easily compare and filter countries and sites by phase, therapeutic area and indication in order to pinpoint high performing sites in minutes through an intuitive user interface.

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