Edge eTMF

Edge eTMF changes the game, providing an end-to-end integrated solution that is clean, simple and intuitive.

Connect your content and data

The Edge eTMF platform integrates the entire Medidata Clinical Cloud including Edge Archive, Quality with SOP, CTMS, Strategic Monitoring, Payments and Rave EDC, delivering the industry’s most dynamic and comprehensive real-time, end-to-end TMF management platform - unifying content, data, and workflows.

Features & Benefits

Streamlines Search Results

Edge eTMF’s advanced search algorithms, based on content, title and/or metadata, makes finding TMF contents simple. Powered by auto-naming and metadata, content is standardized and easier to find through simple, intuitive workflows accelerating study startups.          

Strengthens Collaboration

Through simplified master data management, automation, and integration, Edge eTMF enables TMF management. By keeping clinical studies up-to-date with real-time study oversight, Edge eTMF provides visibility on study completeness, timeliness, and quality through comprehensive dashboards and reporting.

Reduces Complexity

Simplified and streamlined filing with instant TMF content auto-population from the industry’s most complete eClinical Platform, enables automated access to regulated content and data.


Fully Integrated with Box

Edge eTMF is fully integrated with Box, providing the industry’s best user experience for creating, storing and collaborating on all content.

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