Next Generation Clinical Management Portal

Technology should make our lives easier, not create bottlenecks, delay study starts and burden sites and sponsors with potentially dozens of URLs, usernames and passwords.  Medidata alleviates all of that with iMedidata, a fast, simple and secure portal to access all of your studies, eLearning courses, and centralized user administration.

iMedidata provides:

  • One URL, One login, One password.  Once you log in to iMedidata, all your studies and eLearning courses are one click away, and joining a new study is as easy as clicking a link in a single email invitation.
  • Simplified User Administration.  Study owners are empowered to create teams and invite users and sites, participants at all organizational levels can easily join teams and studies to which they’ve been invited, and investigators and other site staff have full access to their accounts.
  • Centralized eLearning.  iMedidata’s integrated eLearning provides centralized, flexible, web-based learning management efficiently offering study teams and sites easy and dynamic training in the same portal they use to access applications.

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