Rave Patient Cloud

We capture the patient's voice from before consenting through the conclusion of a trial and unify it with clinical data on our regulatory compliant platform. The solution to mHealth that accelerates patient-centric clinical research.

The solution to your mHealth-enabled trials

Rave Patient Cloud® is a comprehensive and regulatory compliant mobile health solution that accelerates patient-centric clinical research. Rave Patient Cloud enables sponsors to use sensors and apps that capture a richer, more complete dataset directly from the patient, improving the clinical trial experience on the Medidata Clinical Cloud.

Features and Benefits

Medidata provides professional services throughout the lifecycle of the trial to support your mHealth trials

  • Device Services - Global device provisioning and 24x7 customer support
  • Site & User Training - Improve compliance and data quality by training your sites and patients
  • Instrument Services - Move your paper surveys to Rave eCOA/ePRO
  • Custom Analytics - Study-specific data analytics supporting trial requirements

Rave Patient Cloud, empowers patients by delivering real-time data.

Rave Patient Cloud provides a clearer picture of a therapy’s safety and efficacy by incorporating technologies for patient data capture and services that help propel mHealth studies through wearables.

Our Product Suite

Rave eCOA/ePRO

A mobile app that collects responses to questionnaires and diaries

  • Text- and scale-based questionnaires configured easily in Rave EDC without tedious custom development
  • Implementation model delivered as full-service or fully enabled
  • Available on both iOS and Android systems

Rave AppConnect

An SDK built to integrate apps within the Medidata Clinical Cloud

  • Developers can build front-end mobile apps while Medidata manages back-end data flow
  • Flexibility to gather and process data from nearly any app
  • Compatibility with Apple ResearchKit

Rave SensorLink

A regulatory-compliant data ingestion platform for biosensors and wearables.

  • Access to over 400 consumer and medical grade sensors
  • Summary views in Rave EDC® and raw data streams for detailed analyses
  • Visualization dashboards for patient compliance and data quality

Rave Enroll

An innovative mobile solution for electronic informed consent and patient enrollment for clinical trials

  • Animation, interaction, visual imagery to engage patients
  • Satisfies IRB, QA, and ethics concerns for sites
  • Regulatory compliant output for sponsors

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