Rave (Legacy)

Rave (Legacy) is the world’s leading solution for capturing, managing and reporting patient data, including unified EDC, CDMS and lab administration features.

The industry’s leading unified EDC and CDMS solution

Rave Legacy is:

  • Flexible. Don’t twist your processes to fit technology limitations. Rave flexibility accommodates your workflow requirements. Make mid-study changes—including adaptive trials, protocol amendments, and updated requirements—easily with no system downtime. Medidata Rave manages multiple case report form (CRF) editions and seamlessly migrates existing data into new forms and structures.
  • Scalable. Rave Legacy cloud-native architecture scales from one study to hundreds, and from Phase-I all the way to global Phase-IV. Whatever your trial phase or business growth, one cloud system is all you need.
  • Configurable. Simple or complex study requirements, Medidata Rave handles them all without custom programming. Easily configure CRFs, workflows, data blinding, source document verification (SDV) requirements, dictionary coding and more. All via a point-and-click browser interface.

Rave Legacy goes beyond traditional EDC and offers value-added data management and reporting capabilities.

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