Grants Manager

Grants Manager

Budget better, pay correctly

Can you tell if you're overpaying for procedures?  Is site budgeting slow and contentious? It’s time for a change.

Medidata Grants Manager transforms site budgeting and negotiation to save both money and time.

With Grants Manager, sponsors and CROs:

  • Reduce investigator site costs. Only Grants Manager uses the industry’s largest database of negotiated procedure costs to protect you from overpayments, while assuring sites that they are being fairly compensated.
  • Speed budget development and negotiation. Grants Manager fast tracks budgeting by giving all parties access to objective industry benchmarks and efficient electronic negotiation.
  • Reduce compliance risk. With Grants Manager, budgets are more accurate, which reduces the risk of underfunded studies. And benchmarked fair market values ensure that your payment levels are always defensible to regulatory agencies.

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