Advanced metrics and benchmarks for better decisions

Is it possible to make better clinical development decisions to minimize cost, cycle time and risk? Yes, with the right information and analytics.

Medidata Insights is the turnkey clinical analytics solution that provides advanced metrics, visualizations and the most powerful set of industry data and benchmarks.

With Medidata Insights you can:

  • Cut operational costs. Reduce costs with operational data visualizations that let you deploy resources more efficiently. Accelerate first patient in (FPI) through process optimization.
  • Reduce cycle times. Medidata Insights enables process improvements so you hit study milestones faster—from streamlining study timelines by reducing protocol complexity to optimizing slow enrolling regions and making better site selection and training decisions.
  • Mitigate operational risk. Insights’ robust peer and competitor benchmarks let you compare your performance to industry best practice. And full visibility into your data quality alleviates issues that could lead to audit and regulatory challenges.

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