Targeted SDV

Targeted SDV

Reduce costly verification, keep data quality

Targeted Source Document Verification (TSDV) eats up more than 15 percent of trial budgets. Yet research shows that verifying every data point does not significantly improve data quality. What if instead you could automatically target SDV where you need it most?

Medidata TSDV lets you reduce SDV coverage without sacrificing data quality or regulatory compliance.

With Medidata TSDV you can:

  • Save money on site monitoring. Medidata TSDV supports your risk-based monitoring strategy by recognizing at-risk data. Just plug in your critical variables, such as adverse events. When an abnormal value appears, TSDV adjusts SDV coverage automatically.
  • Save time for data managers and clinical research associates. Quickly configure SDV coverage levels at setup, or even make mid-trial adjustments, without programming. TSDV automatically assigns patients to the SDV level you preset. And CRAs work in the same EDC system they already use. So there’s no retraining, just better use of their time.
  • Maintain compliance. As part of the Medidata Clinical Cloud, TSDV harnesses the robust audit trail capabilities of Medidata Rave. Stay compliant with change controls for management and complete audit capabilities.

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