Cross Sponsor, cross-study data powered by machine learning.


Access unrivaled data assets from 14k+ studies, 4M trial subjects, and 500k sponsor site relationships


Optimize clinical trials by using historical data from past studies to inform future study design and visualize reports across studies, sponsors, and sites


Transform clinical research with turnkey analytics for biomarkers, outlier detection to ensure data quality and mitigate go/no-go product development decision risk

Our Solutions Have Proven Value

Customizable out of the box reports

Enhance your data exploration with a platform-level, cross-product trial dashboard.

Provides an at-a-glance view

Set goals, measure and manage to improve the operational performance of your trial investments.

Confidently run single arm trials

Build synthetic control arms through datasets of historical trial patients; leverage pre-built analytics to explore inclusion/exclusion criteria impact on results.

Additional Solutions


Rave to power today’s targeted therapies—all of the data, all of the protocols, all of the workflows—in one place.
Trial Planning and Management , Medidata Clinical Cloud


Reimagine patient recruitment, retention and study execution through Edge by enabling you to plan and manage trials