MEDS Perform

Know how you stack up against your peers. An executive dashboard that helps you dive deep into your performance metrics.

Portfolio-level, clinical trial diagnostic solution

MEDS Perform (formerly OPAL Diagnostics) is the only turnkey executive dashboard with operational insights that help life science companies bring drugs to market faster. By benchmarking against the largest store of clinical trial data, MEDS Perform illustrates how organizations perform relative to their peer group.

MEDS Perform enables senior executives, therapeutic area leaders and clinical operations management to measure, manage and set goals to improve the operational performance of the organization’s clinical trials investments. MEDS Perform provides an at-a-glance view of quantitative, objective metrics down to the audit level.

Features and Benefits

Diagnose areas of above and below-average operational performance. View your entire portfolio of studies benchmarked against key performance metric categories: cycle time, enrollment, monitoring/study conduct and costs.

Dynamically drill down into studies and sites. Drill down from the portfolio level to see performance by therapeutic area, indication group, study or site.

Take action to improve systematic performance gaps. Address inefficiencies that you find in areas like site selection, study planning or data quality.

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