MEDS Reporter

Unlock cross-platform insights with MEDS Reporter - analyze and report on multiple studies across your various clinical trial data

Single Source Reporting

MEDS Reporter (formerly Total View) is a reporting solution that allows users to monitor clinical trials from a single source. This enables cross-study insights resulting in reduced risk and expedited execution of clinical trials.

MEDS Reporter provides visibility across existing Medidata products: Rave EDC, Rave RTSM, Edge Strategic Monitoring, and iMedidata to provide a holistic view of your data. Additional Medidata product information will be added over time. MEDS Reporter reduces the burden of these challenges as an integrated study conduct platform.

Features and Benefits

  • Deeper Insights: Enhanced data exploration, consolidated view of data from multiple sources in one tool, more data visualization tools
  • Higher Performance: Reports generate faster and timeout less frequently and can be scheduled
  • Customizable out of the box reports
    • 18 cross-platform supply management reports
    • 4 organization-wide user management reports
    • 10 Edge Strategic Monitoring reports (Edge Site Monitoring and Issue Management)
    • All reports can be run across multiple studies and URLs
  • Standardized Metadata: Unified dataset and the ability to form relationships between disparate data
  • User-Focused: Intuitive user interface that provides reliable information; provides users the right level of access, drag and drop interface
  • Reduced Data Warehousing: Medidata Enterprise Data Store (MEDS) helps reduce the expensive, time consuming, and high maintenance process needed for data warehousing and analytics

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