Patient Cloud SensorLink

Patient Cloud SensorLink

There is a shift towards collecting objective data to enhance the subjective data collected from eCOA. Trial sponsors are seeing value from biometric data collected continuously from connected wearable sensors. Wearable sensor technologies allow patients to complete activities of daily living with minimal intrusion from the studies in which they are participants. This means better patient compliance and the potential to reduce site visits.

Medidata SensorLink is part of the Medidata Patient Cloud solution and is a data ingestion platform that collects data from biosensors and wearables. SensorLink has access to 250+ consumer and medical grade sensors through its partner ecosystem.

  • Summary views of data available through Medidata Rave
  • Full raw data streams for detailed analysis and dashboards
  • Analytics and Dashboards for remote monitoring of patient compliance and data quality

The combination of apps and sensors has the potential to continuously update patients on study information, keeping them engaged in the trial. Since data arrives directly from the source, data collection requires no transcription and therefore moves at a faster pace. Data is cleaner and no manual data entry is needed, leading to reduced site burden. Medidata Sensorlink provides you with a proven and regulatory-compliant way to integrate data from biosensors and wearables.

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