Rave Data Capture & Management

It starts with data capture.


Capture and manage the multitudes of data that targeted therapies demand


Explore biomarkers from sites, labs, images, genomics, apps, sensors, and RWE


Enroll, auto-code, randomize and supply patients on the first visit, or skip visits with a virtual trial

Our Solutions Have Proven Value

mHealth: From Consent to Conclusion

Consent patients electronically to increase engagement. Use apps and sensors to collect new biomarkers accurately. And choose the right blend of site-based to virtual patient data collection – that makes sense for your trial.

Reduce Imaging Queries by 80%

Gain real-time visibility into all image-related trial activities without dependence on the core lab/CRO tech platform, aggregate and index images into a single source, building a valuable corporate asset.

14K Studies and Over 4M Patients

Rave is the most pervasive and robust EDC solution on the market today. It’s been the cloud-based choice for the past 20 years.

100% Configurable & Pre-Validated

Get your study and your team up and running faster with a single, configurable web interface for randomizing patients and distributing trial supply with self-generating specification output. Out of the box integration with Rave EDC makes all the difference.

Go Beyond Traditional Data Cleansing

Accelerate speed-to-market with a cloud-based coding system using natural language processing. Automate adverse event collections and transmission to pharmacovigilance systems.

Customer Stories

“We’re investing in technology to help us unlock cancer’s secrets, and Medidata’s cloud-based platform provides us with the flexibility and scalability we need to accelerate progress.”
Nigel Blackburn, Director, CRUK Centre for Drug Development
How we Helped
"We eliminated double data entry at the medical institution and were able to improve efficiency in clinical trial data capture"
Mr. Kaichi Saitoh, Pharmaceutical Development Division IT Promotion Team Leader, Teijin Pharma
How we Helped
“Adopting a sophisticated design emphasizing the patient experience and using Rave eCOA/ePRO Patient Cloud’s intuitive interface ensured the highest data consistency.”
Gerald Neveu, Data Manager, Danone Nutricia Research
How we Helped

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