Rave Coder

Medical coding made easier. Code with greater speed and consistency without worrying about different EDCs.

Cloud-based medical coding that easily connects with all your source systems

Medical coding is a necessary part of every trial, but adds to the study timeline—and therefore cost. What if you could code faster and more consistently across all of your trials, even those using different EDCs? You can!

Rave Coder (formerly Coder) is a cloud application that streamlines and centralizes medical coding. It works seamlessly with Rave EDC and also integrates with any non-Rave EDC system.

Features and Benefits

With Rave Coder you can:

  • Code faster.  Rave Coder reduces cycle times with an easy-to-use browser interface and up-to-date dictionaries accessible by your team worldwide. So you reduce coding cycle times, and even the timeline of your study.
  • Code more cost-effectively.  Faster, cleaner coding saves coding entry cost and rework. And because Rave Coder streamlines dictionary management and migrates coding decisions, you reduce recording costs after dictionary upgrades.
  • Reduce consistency risk. Outsourcing and globalization of clinical trials have increased the risk of inconsistent coding. Rave Coder mitigates this risk by giving dispersed teams access to a centralized cloud-based coding system with consistent dictionaries.

Ambit Unlocks The Value Of Unified Rave Coder

Mar Reyes, Director of Data Management describes using unified Rave EDC & Rave Coder to rescue three key oncology studies.

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