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Improve the patient trial experience with Medidata's electronic informed consent technology.

Simple and seamless consent and enrollment

Medidata announced the acquisition of Mytrus in April 2017 to bring eConsent technology into the Medidata Clinical Cloud as part of its ongoing commitment to modernize clinical trials for patients, sites, and sponsors. Rave Enroll (formerly Medidata Enroll) becomes part of the Rave Patient Cloud and provides a comprehensive set of tools to improve the patient experience in a clinical trial.

With widespread support from international regulatory agencies, recent FDA guidance documents, industry groups like Transcelerate and large central IRBs, the clinical research and biobanking industries are rapidly adopting eConsent as an alternative to paper.

Features and Benefits

With Rave Enroll:

  • Patients receive clear, visually compelling information about trial participation in electronic format. Having control of this information in an easily accessible format gives them more comfort and a higher likelihood of staying engaged with the trial, providing them with a better overall experience.
  • Sites can track consents remotely reducing on-site monitoring activity using Rave Enroll unique technology for secure communications, and identity verification.
  • Sponsors benefit from way that Rave Enroll reduces the non-scientific requirements of clinical trials and makes it easier to find and reach patients anywhere in the world.

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