Improve data quality and risk reduction in Randomization and Trial Supply Management with a single source of data that streamlines data entry.

A new era for Rave RTSM

Accurately and efficiently randomizing patients and supplying treatments is at the very heart of clinical trials.

So why use clunky, outdated systems that are bolted together to manage these deeply connected RTSM processes?

Rave RTSM (formerly Balance) is a unique RTSM solution within the Medidata Clinical Cloud.

Features and Benefits

  • Unified. Disconnected systems and error-prone manual processes create complexity for sponsors and can put study data and patients at risk. Rave RTSM mitigates these risks with a unified RTSM built on Rave EDC. With a unified Rave EDC and Rave RTSM solution, all of your data is centrally located and available on-demand.
  • Configurable. Get your study and your team up and running faster with a single, configurable web interface for randomizing subjects and trial supply dispensation. Rave RTSM eliminates the laborious and costly programming required by old-style interactive voice response technology systems. Make in-progress changes faster too. Rave RTSM even handles the demanding requirements of adaptive trials and has self-generating specification output.
  • True Saas Solution. Rave RTSM offers flexible deployment models for single studies or enterprise level solutions, all with new functionality at no extra cost during the lifetime of your study.    

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