Study Design Optimization

Study Design Optimization

Better trials start with better design 

Poorly designed studies severely impact downstream clinical trial execution. From excessive procedures that hurt patient enrollment and retention to mistakes that can drive costly protocol amendments, up-front clinical trial design problems continue to do harm throughout the life of your study. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Medidata Study Design Optimization service optimizes your clinical trial design for dramatically better operational execution. The service combines Medidata’s Design Optimizer tools and expertise to:

  • Improve operational costs. Optimizing clinical trial now dramatically reduces costs later. This service’s structured design process with complete line of sight optimizes procedure frequency, minimizes costly protocol amendments and boosts resource efficiency.

  • Speed study execution. Optimized clinical trial expedites study execution. With this service you can reduce subject burden, so you’ll enroll more patients sooner.

  • Slash complexity and compliance risk. Optimized study protocols are simpler for investigators and patients to follow, reducing risk for you. Make your clinical trial design as simple as possible. With a clear line of sight linkage from objectives to procedures, you’ll lower complexity and reduce investigator and subject deviation without compromising study objectives.

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