Webcast: Monitoring What Matters: Critical Data & Processes, and Intelligent SDV

Join Medidata’s subject matter experts discuss a more focused SDV approach, leading to higher data quality and integrity, and a better alignment of monitoring activities with smarter regulatory strategies.

Checking every box for every data point is not an efficient use of time for CRAs (clinical research associates) on-site, and has the potential to divert attention from critical data and critical processes that impact the primary endpoints of the trial. In fact, regulatory bodies report that conducting 100% SDV means organizations are likely missing crucial pieces of the puzzle. In this webinar, you’ll discover: 

  • How to refocus CRA priorities around critical data & processes in the ICH E6 R2 guidelines
  • How to design, configure, and execute an easy-to-use reduced SDV strategy
  • How to begin your RBM journey with Medidata Edge TSDV