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"At Medidata, Social Responsibility is embedded in our DNA.  We are dedicated to supporting the delivery of innovative drug therapies through patient advocacy and empowering future generations through STEM education.  Our program encapsulates our beliefs in diversity, inclusion and the power to make a difference. Now is the time to be the change we want to see.

– Glen de Vries, President & Co-Founder, Medidata Solutions


At Medidata, we are committed to the global advancement of life sciences research, science and technology education, and our local communities.

We target three critical areas: Patient Advocacy and Research, STEM Education, and our Local and Global Community.

At Medidata, we are dedicated to ensuring that patients, especially those who rely on clinical trials are given access to new drugs and therapies.  By partnering with patient advocacy groups we focus on finding cures for rare diseases.

One of the greatest ways to ensure new medical findings is to establish a strong education system that empowers young people to enter into careers in the life science and technology industry, as we want the children of today to have a future tomorrow.    

Our communities are also vital to our growth and we are focused on giving back through our matching gift program, disaster relief, and volunteerism.

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Our efforts also extend to our community ties and we take steps to support local organizations with employees contributing time from their work days.

Medidata values strong community ties and recognizes the important value that nonprofits and local organizations play in strengthening the social fabric to benefit our neighborhoods, cities and beyond.

Each year, Medidata gives each employee a free volunteer day. We encourage all employees to participate in this program and to be fully engaged and supportive of organizations and causes in their local communities.  In 2018, our goal is to hold a global volunteer event with at least 80% of our employees volunteering in their communities worldwide.

Furthermore, the company facilitates volunteer events throughout the year including local school backpack drives for underprivileged children, as well as coat, food and blanket drives for families in need.



Our generous donations in kind underline our commitment to advancing life sciences research, science and technology education and community health.

As active and engaged members in the life science community, we are committed to furthering the industry and regularly provide donations and services to support nonprofits, research institutions and education facilities in our communities and beyond. Our annual discounts help nonprofits purchase our software, systems and other products is in the millions.

We respect the invaluable work of nonprofits, research institutions and education facilities, and we take steps to further their goals. The work and discoveries of such organizations help advance the entire life sciences industry and has the potential to touch all of our lives.




Medidata is committed to living our values and takes great strides to minimize environmental impact while also taking a proactive approach and supporting green initiatives.

As responsible corporate citizens, we make an effort to preserve and protect the environment. 

By locating our operations in green-friendly space, we do our part in reducing our environmental impact while also acting as an environmentally responsible corporate citizen. Our New York City, Iselin, NJ, San Francisco and London offices are LEED Gold Certified and we accomplished our goal in 2017 to have 90% of our offices under long-term lease LEED Gold Certified.  In 2017, two new LEED Gold Certified offices were opened in Hammersmith, London and Seoul, South Korea.

In 2018, we are actively working on furthering our sustainability efforts and will be providing updates throughout the year.

Corporate Social Responsibility Contact

Lyndsay Harris


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